Why Listing Your Home on MLS Matters

Why Listing Your Home on MLS Matters

  • Allison Salzer
  • 12/6/22

Some Marin County real estate sellers may choose to steer away from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), but the benefits that come with listing on an official platform far outweigh the fee. Along with increased visibility, those who list on the MLS also benefit from the professional network inherent in the tool, as well as a more accurate and streamlined process.

Marin County overall is experiencing a decrease in median sales prices and increase in active listings, indicating a cooling market. Additionally, home sales volume has decreased compared to the same time last year across all property types, which may make it more difficult for sellers interested in listing in the area. Cities like San Rafael have a median sales price of $1.5 million, while Ross homes average higher, at $4.4 million. With this in mind, we summarized below why you should list on the MLS platform.

Increased visibility

Sellers listing through the MLS can expect increased visibility for their San Rafael real estate. Many buyers start their home searches online. As a seller, it’s important to meet them where they are searching. An MLS listing creates a space for your property online, giving sellers a chance against others in the area who have listed their properties online as well.

Local MLS platforms can only be accessed by licensed professionals and sellers in select cases, but MLS home listings also feed into other popular real estate public platforms. Some public listing platforms only allow MLS listings on their website, which makes an MLS listing even more crucial for sellers. Increased visibility creates a wider reach, which can result in more offers or a quicker sale.
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More buyer interest

Not all buyers are searching local, which makes digital resources like an MLS listing the only way for some to view a property. This is especially common with buyers searching for luxury properties. Being online also eliminates the need for a seller or their agent to be available, as buyers can look for a home listing any time of the day. Having the freedom to search when a buyer’s schedule allows can also lessen obstacles due to different time zones.

There’s also a better chance that buyers considering an MLS listing for Ross Valley property are qualified to make an offer and are likely more serious about a search. All buyers’ agents look for client’s properties on a local MLS, and through their expertise they select properties that best align with their client’s goals. This means a property found on MLS is more likely to meet some of a buyer’s requirements, giving sellers a better chance at securing an offer.

The listings are accurate

Local MLS listings follow strict rules and regulations, which creates a culture of trust and accuracy. For example, sellers listing their San Rafael real estate must do so within one to two days after a listing agreement is signed, meaning that information about a property is current and updated. This helps buyers trust what’s on the listing.

Additionally, listings are regulated for accuracy, including factors like a property’s square footage, location, and direction. This saves buyers and sellers time in verifying or reverifying information. Important aspects of a listing, like the description of the property and surrounding area, as well as quality photos, are essential tools in a buyer’s search. Sellers can also search listing descriptions in the area to judge what work needs to be done to their property to make the listing competitive.

Powerful network

Those who use the MLS to list their properties benefit from the powerful network built into the platform. The original iteration of the MLS began in the 1800s, when brokers gathered in offices and created a mutually beneficial community in which brokers were compensated for helping each other sell properties. Given the competitive market, cooperation ensures that everybody has a chance at selling their property.

Additionally, any licensed agent has access to MLS, which levels the playing field. Multi-state firms and small brokerages alike have access to an MLS, meaning that the buyers and sellers they work with have the same level of information to use when making their home transaction.

Saves time

As a compounded effect of the factors above, those who list their Ross Valley property online often save time in the selling process. Since more people have access to an online home listing, the chances of finding an interested buyer increases. Serious buyers who have reasons to connect to your property specifically will have greater access to it through their agents’ MLS searches. This puts sellers in a better position to receive a good offer.

The accuracy inherent in the MLS system ensures that buyers can trust what they see online, decreasing any obstacles due to unfulfilled expectations or inaccuracies. And with a listing in a system that rewards cooperation between buyers and sellers, sellers can expect professionals working towards mutually beneficial goals to help propel their home sale.

When you’re ready to list your property online, contact experienced agent Allison Salzer to guide you through the listing process and entire real estate transaction.

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