What Are Your Priorities When Buying Real Estate in Marin County?

What Are Your Priorities When Buying Real Estate in Marin County?

  • Allison Salzer
  • 10/10/22

The San Francisco Bay Area is renowned for its beauty and affluence. Some of the best places to live in the Bay Area can be found in some of the quieter regions of Marin County, outside of the big cities. Marin County has the beautiful weather and geography of the Bay Area without the urban crowding and noise. Marin County has a rich variety of neighborhoods to suit different priorities, including San Rafael, Ross, and Mill Valley real estate. Within these neighborhoods, there are a variety of lot sizes, architectural styles, and home amenities to be found. Here are some points to consider when browsing Marin County real estate.

Proximity to the bay

Marin County extends across a large portion of the North Bay Area. There are many inland properties throughout the area, as well as homes on or near the waterfront. Generally, waterfront property tends to be some of the most valuable and coveted real estate. If you want to live closer to the bay, this will help you to narrow down your search. Perhaps you love boating or walking along the seashore. If you prefer to live further inland or you have no particular preference, then there are many other criteria you can use to find your perfect home.

Square footage and lot size

Northern California homes vary widely in terms of interior space and lot size. There are large and luxurious homes that have small yards, and there is also the occasional large lot with a modest-sized home. Your preferences for how much space you want will play into your location of choice. For instance, if you are interested in downtown San Rafael real estate, outdoor space may be limited compared with homes that are a little further out. You may have to look at Ross or Mill Valley real estate for something that suits your tastes. However, a Marin County real estate agent will be able to show you a variety of different sizes and formats of properties throughout the area.


San Rafael, Ross, and Mill Valley real estate include a wide range of neighborhoods, some of which are more remote than others. Some home buyers long to be surrounded by natural beauty even while living in modern luxury. Fortunately, there are great outdoor destinations throughout Marin County, including numerous state parks, including Mount Tamalpais in Mill Valley and China Camp in San Rafael. Between the sea shore, the jagged bay, and the rugged geography of the inland area, Marin County has a lot to offer nature lovers. Other home buyers prefer to be closer to the retail, dining, and other features of a more populated area. Your preferences for the surroundings of your home will help you to narrow down your search.


Consider whether you are looking for a house, townhome, condo, or something else. This will be another factor that determines what Marin County real estate is appropriate for you. Additionally, you may have a preference for a certain architectural style. You can go for a classic-looking bungalow or traditional Cape Cod-style home, or you may be attracted to something more niche, like a Mediterranean-style or Victorian-style home. Thanks to the history of Spanish settlement in Marin County, there are plenty of homes, including a lot of San Rafael real estate, that display the Mediterranean style, which is also sometimes referred to as the Spanish Colonial or Mission Revival style. Various other modern and classic styles can be seen throughout Marin County. If you are planning to retire in Marin County and you don’t want to spend your golden years running up and down stairs, you can find many great ranch-style homes that feature single-floor plans with a refreshingly open design. With hundreds of years of history, Marin County real estate includes historic homes as well as newly constructed properties and everything in between.

Features and amenities

While San Rafael and Mill Valley real estate often features architectural styles that go centuries back, homes in the area feature many great modern conveniences. If you are part of the work-from-home trend, then finding the right space for a home office may be your top priority. Other buyers are looking for luxury features such as spa-style bathrooms and home gyms. You may be interested in entertainment spaces such as an elegant but rugged outdoor kitchen and dining area. Of course, you can always repurpose or remodel different spaces in your new home as you please, so your priorities can be flexible here.

Homeowners’ associations

You may want to be part of a homeowners’ association (HOA) in order to help maintain the value of your property and keep your neighborhood orderly. Alternatively, you may want the freedom and flexibility that comes from not belonging to an HOA. If you have a strong preference, communicate this to your Marin County real estate agent early on.

Talk to a Marin County realtor about your real estate priorities

Marin County has spacious, luxurious, and elegant homes in a variety of styles and locations. It is a geographically diverse and attractive county, from the San Rafael real estate in the county seat to the Mill Valley real estate just north of San Francisco. Whatever your real estate priorities, there is sure to be a Marin County home that is perfect for you, but you may need some help finding it.

No one can help you find Marin County properties that align with your priorities better than an experienced local real estate agent. Allison Salzer has extensive experience in Marin County, and she can help you to better understand the perks of a variety of different neighborhoods and home styles in the area. Allison can introduce you to luxurious Ross, Mill Valley, and San Rafael real estate, as well as other nearby properties. Check Allison Salzer’s active listings, including top-tier exclusive listings. Working with a highly skilled professional like Allison will be a great asset in your search for a new home that fulfills your real estate priorities.

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