What Season is Best for Selling Your Home in San Rafael?

What Season is Best for Selling Your Home in San Rafael?

  • Allison Salzer
  • 10/17/22
Once you have decided to sell your San Rafeal real estate, you embark on a new journey with many different steps and processes before closing the sale. Navigating a real estate sale is simpler with the assistance of a realtor who has extensive experience in the area. Most importantly, they can help you expertly accomplish the checklist of tasks that come with selling a home.

One of the biggest initial points you will likely discuss is the timing of your home sale. A qualified realtor, a beautiful home, perfect staging, and an ideal price tag will only go so far if the house is listed at a time when the market is not primed for selling.

Home buying is certainly a year-round process everywhere. However, there are certain peak seasons and months that are notorious for more lucrative home sales. As prices, sale times, buyers, and interest rates fluctuate, so will the real estate market. There is no specific formula that denotes an ideal market for sellers. But keeping an eye on key components will keep you in the loop and on track for a great experience.

Why timing matters

When considering the importance of timing in correlation with buying a home, consider the in-depth nature of the process and the time, effort, focus, and preparation it requires. It doesn't matter if you are a single individual or a large family with kids, buying a home, or moving out of your current space and into a new property, is a process that does not happen overnight, even for the easiest sales.

It’s sensible for people to delve into their home purchasing when free time is more abundant and life is more flexible. Having things well prepared and scheduled is a must when it comes to keeping the home-buying process as stress-free as possible. For families with children, closing a sale when they are free from major academic commitments is important so they can adjust to the new surroundings at a pace that suits them.

For buyers, the major benefits of a sale that is made at an ideal time are mostly financial. Selling at a time when the San Rafael real estate is in a seller's market will almost always mean a higher sale price for the home.

The ideal time

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Considering the above factors for both buyers and sellers, the best time to list your home for sale in San Raphael is during the spring. On average it will take an estimated two months to close the sale and have your buyer ready to move in. With that timeframe, a home listed in the spring should be done selling by the summer months when many people are using vacation time and children are out of school.

Making sure to have your home ready and a high-quality listing created by the spring will help keep you on track for a great sale. Other steps, such as your realtor using the MLS or having your home professionally staged, are other great ways to enable a lucrative sale in a hot market.

If you are looking to sell property in the Ross Valley real estate market at a time of year other than the ideal spring timeframe, gearing up for your sale closer to that time is still a best practice. Whether it is before the spring selling season or after, your home still needs to be ready for the market. While the ideal season to sell may be in the spring, the sale can only happen when you are ready. Getting yourself ready for the spring season with ample time to perfect your property and your listing pushes you even closer to the results that you desire.

While waiting for the spring to roll around, discuss preparation techniques and tactics with your realtor. Commonalities like getting a home inspection done and increasing curb appeal are general rule-of-thumb tasks that will benefit you in the long run.

Any uncertainty about investing the extra time and funds into your pre-sale plan can easily be remedied by a chat with your realtor. Even the most pristine and modern luxury homes can benefit from certain pre-sale upkeep tasks. For instance, obtaining a pre-sale home inspection will offer you the security of knowing that nothing is of any concern with the home and you will be able to set a sale price to coincide with that. Even in a case where a home inspection presents a report that lists an issue you would like to fix prior to selling you will have the time to remedy it without having to rush.

The key to a perfectly timed sale

Having these important facts about your local San Rafael real estate market is essential to being an informed seller and facilitating smart decisions about your property. Nonetheless, market conditions do vary and things such as demand and the national economy can influence the way the market is swaying at any given time. The simplest solution to executing a perfectly timed home sale is to conduct your sale with the assistance of a talented realtor. Connect with Allison Salzer today to begin working on an expertly timed plan to sell your home.

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