California Modernism

California Modernism

  • Allison Salzer
  • 05/6/23

California Modernism was a movement in the early 20th century that sought to break away from the traditional styles of architecture and design that had dominated the region. It emphasized functionality, simplicity, and the use of new materials and technologies. The movement was led by a number of architects and designers, including Edward Page and John Marsh Davis. We have 2 active listings that showcase their work here in Marin County!

Edward Page was an architect and designer who was born in 1880 and studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He worked for several prominent architectural firms in San Francisco before striking out on his own in the 1920s. Page was known for his innovative use of materials, including concrete, steel, and glass, as well as his minimalist designs that emphasized clean lines and geometric shapes. His most famous works include the 1928 V.C. Morris Gift Shop in San Francisco, which features a curved glass facade, and the Marin County Civic Center, which he designed in collaboration with Frank Lloyd Wright. 

The home Edward Page built for himself at 25 San Carlos Ave in Sausalito  is on the market for $3,250,000

John Marsh Davis was another prominent figure in Bay Area California Modernism. He was born in 1890 and studied architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. Davis was a pioneer in the use of pre-fabricated construction methods and was known for his modular designs that could be easily assembled on site. He also experimented with new materials, such as plywood and aluminum, which he used to create sleek and modern buildings. Davis' most famous works include the 1936 Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island, which featured a number of pavilions and exhibits designed by Davis, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, which he designed in collaboration with Mario Ciampi.

45 Vista Dr in Kentfield is on the market for $4,995,000. The home was built in 1965 and only had 1 owner.

Together, Edward Page and John Marsh Davis helped to define the Bay Area California Modernism movement, which had a profound influence on the region's architectural and design culture. Their innovative use of materials, focus on functionality, and emphasis on clean, modern lines continue to inspire architects and designers today.

California Modernism

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