Allison’s career in real estate was a logical way to maximize her professional and personal history. After graduating from with a degree in Economics, Allison worked on the institutional mortgage backed securities desk for various banks and Wall Street firms. Here, she mastered her negotiation skills and understanding of how real estate loans are valued by financial institutions. Allison then worked as a financial adviser with Merrill Lynch, which gives her the unique perspective of how a home is an integral part of personal wealth. She also founded an educational resource company in Marin County, which provided her with intimate knowledge of the nuances of each school in Marin County.

Allison’s passion in real estate stemmed from her father who was an architect, and from her mother who earned the title of Entrepreneur of the Year. Allison loves to find art in architecture, and get the deal done. She has remodeled her own homes in both San Francisco and Marin and has been a real estate investor in residential redevelopment for the past 7 years. Her talent is to find value and see how to transform properties into a wonderful space to live.

Why Work With Allison:

Data Driven Intelligence
With a Wall Street background, Allison utilizes the latest market trends and insights to guide clients on property decisions and financing options.

Win-Win Deal Making
From extensive property marketing, offer presentations, and negotiations, Allison’s creative deal-making close transactions quickly and seamlessly.

Design and Vision
Growing up with an architect father, Allison ‘sees’ property and guides clients on feasibility and economics of home improvements.

Allison provides personalized home buying/selling plans to support clients at every stage on their path to homeownership.